Vegas Table Tennis Club

Emily Gong competed as a professional player in China for eight years. She started learning the sport of Table Tennis at the age of seven under the direction of several famous Chinese coaches. As a cadet player Emily won many personal and team championship titles. In 1986 she joined China's National Youth Team. After retiring from her personal competitive career, she joined a Chinese coaching team who trained one of the Men's world champions (Ma Lin). Emily is currently the owner and chief coach of her own club which is open seven days per week.
Her club has seven tournament high quality tables. The lighting was measured with a light meter and according to the 2015 USA Table Tennis Tournament Guide, it meets the requirements for 3-4 star level tournaments. The flooring is a composite material which is good for players knees and ankles. There are two robots available for practice. One is a table top unit that can be used by all club members. The other robot is a highly advanced robot that can be programmed  for many different ball sequences with different spins, locations and combinations. That robot is used for select group lessons. Emily's club welcomes all players and has a very friendly atmosphere!